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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly ubiquitous in various industries, having the power to automate processes, improve decision-making and the consumer experience. The case of the Hotel Industry is no exception, not least because there are several applications in the industry that significantly improve the guest experience, increasing operational efficiency and generated revenue.

Throughout this article, the concept of Artificial Intelligence will be explained, its global impact as on the Hotel Industry, as well as its benefits and practical applications in this context.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged in the 1950s of the last century and refers to the ability of machines and computers to perform tasks that are considered necessary to have cognitive and intelligent functions. In recent times and aligned with technological advances, AI has been developing and gaining importance in such a way that the reliability it transmits grants it the possibility of being sufficiently capable to be employed in various tasks in various sectors, such as Health, Finance, Education but also Tourism, and Hospitality.

The expectations placed on the rise of AI regarding the performance of more advanced tasks are not new, as already in 2017 studies pointed out that it was expected that 95% of all interactions with customers in the retail sectors (where Hospitality is included) would be managed with AI assistance by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality
Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is present in almost every step of the guest journey. This is a result of the growing importance given to the consumer, in this case, the tourist, and consequently the demands of today's guests who have more refined requirements and who place more value on personalized experiences, quick responses, less face-to-face interaction, and more autonomy in the various stages of their stay.

Since Artificial Intelligence has the power to learn as it collects data, it can quickly adapt to meet customer expectations, revolutionizing the way information is managed and hotel-guest interactions.

AI should not be seen as a threat to different jobs, because, despite having the ability to perform many tasks, it still does not have certain exclusively human capabilities that cannot be supplied by machines, such as empathy.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality

Since the guest is the central element of the hotel operation, it is essential that the service is to their liking and it is in this context that Artificial Intelligence has gained ground in the hotel sector, offering numerous benefits.

Efficiency in Guest Service: AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants are able to provide guests with greater speed and efficiency in the services provided, by responding in real-time to their requests and questions. This efficiency automates certain more complex procedures and frees hotel operators to focus on improving customer service and meeting guests' expectations and requirements.
Guest Experience Personalization: AI can help hotels analyze guest data to provide personalized recommendations such as room preferences, food and beverage options, and personalized offers based on past spending behavior. The guest experience can thus have an even more personalized nature, as AI can go down to the smallest details of the journey at the hotel.
Proactive Service Delivery: AI is able to act proactively through its ability to anticipate guest needs, which allows hotels to offer early check-ins, late check-outs, or suggest additional amenities or services that match guest preferences. This predictive ability of the AI also allows the identification of maintenance problems before they take on larger proportions, improving the performance time.
Competitive Advantage: The implementation of AI in Hospitality can give hotels a competitive advantage, as it not only improves customer service but also allows a considerable improvement in operational efficiency, in the management of price and revenue strategies, which translates into the possibility of increasing revenue and profit generated. Offering a personalized, efficient service that is 100% focused on the guest is a great competitive advantage.

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